For Such A Time As This

Esther 4:14

For if you remain silent at this time, relief and deliverance for the Jews will arise from another place, but you and your father’s family will perish.  And who knows but that you have come to your royal position for such a time as this?

On my porch, nestled in my geranium, a mother bird is raising her babies.  It’s been exciting to watch her feed and care for them.  She brings them food, and she is quick to guard them against anything she feels is a threat, including my curious kitty.  That mother bird will soon teach her little ones to fly and prepare them to go off into the great big world. 

I’ve seen mama birds do this before;  she pushes the little ones out of the nest to get them started.  Each time I wonder how she can do that and not worry about her little one getting hurt?

I feel a bit like that mother bird lately.  My oldest child starts high school this year.  While I am so proud of the independent, confident young lady she has become, its not easy to watch her spread her wings and learn to fly.  I haven’t had to even think about pushing her along, she’s beating me to independence long before I am ready for her to be. 

“For such a time as this.”  The words rang through my head, and I searched back for the place from which they came.  The story of Esther.

Esther was a woman called by God to save her family.  There was an extreme sense of urgency with her calling.  She had a job to do, and she had to do it right then.  Twenty-four hours to change the fate of her family.

The sense of urgency, the realization that as a parent, there is so much we need to pour into our children to prepare them for the world ahead has really been weighing on me lately and is almost overwhelming at times.  Our babies are facing the challenges of the world we faced so much younger, and they are facing new ones we never dreamed about. 

What a great reminder today from Esther for parents.  First, we must prepare for the job and be ready in an instant when a situation arises.  We must also be in prayer for guidance and study to know God’s plan for raising our children.  Then also the urgency we must have, not letting a day go by without teachable moments-both in conversations with our children and as examples for them.

For such a time as this…to enjoy the amazing children with which we have been give to tend to their care.  Being able to watch our children grow and take on new roles.  The opportunity to see them mature as individuals, gaining self confidence and learning to make their own decision.  The pride of seeing accomplishments and the joy of seeing them make good choices.  What a God given blessing I would not trade for the world! 

Heavenly Father, I pray today you will help me to remember each and every day that as a mother, it is my time to pour into my children.    I pray you will lead and guide me, give me the knowledge to pour into them what they will need to face the world in the coming years.  Above all, I pray you will give my children the ability to stand tall and face situations they encounter with the courage of knowing they are your children, and you have promised their protection and prosperity.


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