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This is the stuff

There's a blog coming about God's burden on my heart to "Get it Together."  About six months ago, he revealed me it was time to stop just going through the motions of life and to do a better job of taking care of myself and my family.  Giving my best by taking care of the top priorities with which I have been entrusted at 110 percent and weeding out what doesn't have to be there.  Learning to let him guide me with prioritizing my life and trusting him to help me to let go.

You know, things were going pretty well for a while.  I was seeing progress.  I was less stressed, taking more quality time for me and with my family.  Fast forward to two weeks ago.   My seasonal job (full time all year, overdrive in the spring) has kicked in full force.  So has basketball, 4-H, band, Hee Haw, church activities...Vertigo from a sinus infection, has left me feeling like I'm spinning just a bit faster than everyone else.  I have been just getting through the day, and the res…