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Don't Stop Dreaming

When I started this blog I was writing about taking care of my little kids and pouring Jesus into them where I could.  Now I am looking at a high school graduate and a soon to be high schooler who can look me in the eye.  He's actually taller than me now.

How did that happen?  It seems like yesterday we were taking summers to color and play in the garden.  This summer, I've shuttled Noah to countless music gigs and helped Taylor get ready for college.

When school ended this year, we took a very much needed trip to the beach as the kids Christmas/graduation present.  I'm so thankful for that week away.  Between activities and work, our family of four rarely gets to sit together anymore, and I know in a few short weeks that time will get even harder to make happen.  That week, we laughed together, and we played together.  We had meals together.  Nighttime fishing on the dock and feeding the resident herron Henry won't be soon forgotten.  Neither will the walks on the be…