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Writing our Story

Its no secret I am a Laura Story fan.  A last minute opportunity to see her last weekend in concert was just what my heart needed.  I guess I should mention she was with Stephen Curtis Chapman, and to hear the two of them sing "Blessings" together is something I will never forget.

Its also no secret I love to write.  To have the ability to pen the words placed on my heart is a privilege I do not take lightly.

At the concert Laura spoke about a song from her newest album, "God of Every Story."  She mentioned the stories God writes for our lives.  Beginning to end, with a tale all our own, his mighty hand writes the plan he has for us.  Each story is often very different from the fairy tale we expect.

Back to my desire to write; how it often extends beyond the words I place onto paper.  I think about the many times I have snatched the pen from the hand of God and attempted to write my own story.  Admittedly there are also plenty of times I've wanted to grab my re…

Beauty Around Us

I've always been and admirer of God's handiwork in nature.  The sky at sunset, a bolt of lightning in the midst of a storm, the tiny falling snowflake, the bold colors of the leaves in the fall:  Does it not amaze you the detail God put into creating this world?  My Bible reading tonight took me to Job 26, a conversation between a man who had lost everything and his friend who questions why he still holds on to hope.  I was taken back at Job, who through everything could speak so eloquently of God's power displayed in the beauty of the world.  Verse 14 took my breath away.    Job 26:14 (NASB)“Behold, these are the fringes of His ways;
And how faint a word we hear of Him!
But His mighty thunder, who can understand?”
 We see God's power in little things all around us, but Job saw a bigger picture.  We don't see the real power of God until we have experienced his mighty thunder in our lives.  I'm closing this tonight with a video project containing photos from a…

A New Creation

This wasn't the message I started more than a week ago to share with you.  I wanted to tell you about a special song God had placed in my life.  Although singing solo has always made me shake down to my toes, I bought the track for this particular song quite some time ago and was preparing to sing.  Not to long afterwards, I had my first ear surgery, and the changes in my hearing forced me to quit singing.

A few weeks ago I was cleaning and found the CD, and my husband caught me singing through.  The message of the song is so powerful in my life.  Sunday night I will be sharing with my church.  While I have retrained my ears to finally be somewhat comfortable with a group, this will be my first time singing alone in more than three years.

I've worked hard to overcome the lack of confidence I face trying to sing with ears that don't always catch what they should.  This week, I've fought a harder battle:  the vioce of satan at every turn, telling me I'm not good enou…