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Guest Post-Krista Sanders

I am incredibly excited to share this post from a great friend of mine.  The last year for her has been one of an amazing transformation that only God can do.  Today, she is serving on staff at Women at the Well, a Christ centered program for women dealing with life controlling issues. I am so excited about the opportunities God has given her to minister to other women.  

For most of my life, I thought waiting was about killing time. A passive way to spend the interim between here and there. Twiddling thumbs in the line at the post office. Rocking in a chair on the porch ‘til a waitress calls your name for a table at Cracker Barrel. Those things frustrate me, though. It’s just delaying my preferred outcome.

I read a book for a sociology class once in college called the McDonaldization of Society. It was about how our culture has basically trained us to expect efficiency to the point that it robs us of experience. The emergence of fast-food restaurants has taught us to r…