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Settling for Less

Hope.  It is a huge little four letter word. Without it we live a life of darkness.  It is the ray of light that is able to pierce through places we cannot see.

I am so glad to have the hope of Christ Jesus and his promise of eternal life.  It is so reassuring knowing the suffering and pain we have here on earth will be over, and one day we we will spend eternity in his presence.

Even though I know I have this incredible promise, I am so guilty of selling short his ability to work in my day to day life.

Friday was a road trip day.  I had the radio off, driving and following the directions of my little google app voice.  It wasn't the Google app automated voice that I heard most clearly.  It was the one who reminded me of the verses above, and how I so often settle for less than he wants for me.  Why?  Because I don't bother to ask.

This girl has set some pretty lofty goals for 2016, and I am expecting it to be a year of change.   However, there are other areas of my life where…

The Funk

Its hard to believe Christmas is over.  It seemed like I blinked and December was gone.  Saturday, I packed away the trees and decorations.

The year we married, I started a tradition of purchasing one Hallmark ornament for each of us.  Four family members and 19 Christmases later, I now have enough to decorate an entire tree. Each ornament tells a story in our family.  There's "Our First Christmas" to celebrate the beginning of our family.  A silver tiara represents my "princess."  A red cardinal adorns the tree in memory of mine and Troy's grandmothers who loved red birds.  A little orange striped kitty is for the fluffy little pet who I claimed as my baby for 17 years, and an RV reminds me of the best family vacation we took.

I smiled as I carefully wrapped each and placed it in the box.

I have to admit I could use a "do over" for Christmas this year.  I spent December in a funk.  Friends around me were battling for their lives with health issu…