Friday, August 12, 2011

Feeling Inadequate

The first week back to school. Maybe its trying to get back into routine. Maybe is the mounting tasks of year end with my job. Maybe its that way-to-deeply ingrained need for perfection. Maybe its just me.

I've just felt so inadequate this week. Unable to get things where I wanted them, insecure about things to come. Not qualified for the challenges I must face.

Sometimes its not learning something new, its being reminded of something you already are. This morning, God took me back to Jeremiah 1, which details a conversation between God and Jeremiah. Jeremiah is feeling inadequate to accomplish the tasks he has been called to do. He makes excuses, and each time, God tells him he has that taken care of and he already has provided. He has called him for great things and has provided the tools Jeremiah needs.

Borrowing from my 1/1 post, here are the three "resolutions" God gave me this year:

1. Trust: If you will listen and follow...I will take care of you.
2. Don't make excuses: I have taken care of you...see resolution number 1.
3. Sew seeds with no fear. I have prepared you. You are more than adequate for the tasks I give you.

Let us go forth today boldly accepting the challenges we will face.  We are prepared!

May I pray for you today and for your personal challenges?

Monday, August 8, 2011

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Monday, August 1, 2011

A Successful Life

Twenty years.  It seems almost impossible that time has passed quickly enough to have put 20 years between my high school years and today.   The cover of the yearbook quickly confirms my speculation.  Inside, countless photos of wide-eyed youth ready to tackle the world head on.  This one?  Yes, that's me.  Giles County High School Class of 1991.  Salutatorian, Most Likely to Succeed. It was an honor to be recognized as such by my classmates. 

So as the notice of our upcoming class reunion came, I began to get a bit nervous.  Most Likely to Succeed...what would my classmates say about my life?  I had always looked at that title and thought about rocket scientists or a super star.  I am neither.  Just a small town gal working for a non-profit.  Gardening and playing Mrs. Fixit on our 2.5 acre country "estate".  Frazzled mom and wife who lets the laundry get out of control on a regular basis.

Some view success as a big bank account or the attainment of a successful career. Actors, doctors, lawyers, sports professionals.  They all are icons of "success" in today's world.

Have I been successful?  As I drove home pondering I got my answer.  Well actually more of a challenge.   Success is not based on whether or not I obtain that post doctorate degree or write that best seller novel.  Its to live out to perfection the life God intended me to have.

Wow!  Maybe I am supposed to be that frazzled, not so perfect wife and mother who has a mission to share hope with others.

Psalms 139 lays out so beautifully this concept.  God created every part of us, and no matter where we are in this world, he knows our every thought.  He laid out a plan for our lives, every move, every thought, before we were ever born.  True success is living out God's PERFECT plan for our lives.  Rocket scientist or rocking mama.

I think the hardest part for me is staying on the path and knowing I am there.  Blessed with multi-talents and the desire to try just about anything once, staying focused is so hard.  Getting a "no" or not getting a "yes" when the enticing next adventure comes along is frustrating.  Knowing that trials and hard times, they are a part of the plan, sometimes its a bit hard to accept. 

So how do we know we're living out our perfect life?  It's all about that personal relationship and having the communication level to hear what he has to say about the decisions we make, big and small.

Yes I will be at my class reunion, and yes I will hold my head proud.  I have been incredibly blessed with a beautiful family, a roof over my head, and a job where I get to help people every day.  I've accepted the challenge of seeking the great path of success, and I hope you will too.

How do you seek the perfect path for your life? How do you stay focused on walking the path he has created for you?