Feeling Inadequate

The first week back to school. Maybe its trying to get back into routine. Maybe is the mounting tasks of year end with my job. Maybe its that way-to-deeply ingrained need for perfection. Maybe its just me.

I've just felt so inadequate this week. Unable to get things where I wanted them, insecure about things to come. Not qualified for the challenges I must face.

Sometimes its not learning something new, its being reminded of something you already are. This morning, God took me back to Jeremiah 1, which details a conversation between God and Jeremiah. Jeremiah is feeling inadequate to accomplish the tasks he has been called to do. He makes excuses, and each time, God tells him he has that taken care of and he already has provided. He has called him for great things and has provided the tools Jeremiah needs.

Borrowing from my 1/1 post, here are the three "resolutions" God gave me this year:

1. Trust: If you will listen and follow...I will take care of you.
2. Don't make excuses: I have taken care of you...see resolution number 1.
3. Sew seeds with no fear. I have prepared you. You are more than adequate for the tasks I give you.

Let us go forth today boldly accepting the challenges we will face.  We are prepared!

May I pray for you today and for your personal challenges?


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