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Go and Tell

It has been five months since I blogged, and what changes have taken place in those months!  We had settled into the realization that life would soon be changing, and we were praying for God to order our steps.  He quickly set into motion a plan for our lives and ordered every step with the precision only he could do.  Our house sold before we ever listed it.  Less than 90 days from the time Troy started his new job and we started seeking God's will for a change, we were moving into a home in a brand new town.

We rejoice in answered prayers!  However, change has not been easy.  Twenty-two years of being in the same place left us comfortable.  We knew people.  We had our routines.  We had people to lean on when we needed them.  We knew were we were to serve and what our role was at that appointed time.

Change has happened quickly, and the human nature in me expected instantaneous success in our new area.  After all, God sent us here.  Instead, it has been an intense time of adjust…