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Why God? Seeing A Greater Plan

A prayer, prayed fervently.
A prayer, prayed consistently.
A prayer prayed daily
A prayer, prayed with faith.
A prayer, seemingly unanswered.  Why?

Why God?  Why, when prayers are prayed with an open heart and a soul poured out with all sincerity, do prayers go unanswered?  Every day we take to our knees to pray fervently, consistently, with faith and determination for lost family members, healing for a special friend, for that much needed answer to the perplexing factor in the middle of our lives.  We stand, waiting for that great lightning strike to fix it in an instant, and yet it comes not or so it seems.

I've been asking the "Why God?" question myself.  Praying for a need, and yet the only answer is "just wait."  I wanted to share with you the words to a song I have been hearing.  Laura Story's "Blessings."  It was a great reminder to me this week that not only does God hear every desire of my heart, he also knows what is best for me.  H…