Writing our Story

Its no secret I am a Laura Story fan.  A last minute opportunity to see her last weekend in concert was just what my heart needed.  I guess I should mention she was with Stephen Curtis Chapman, and to hear the two of them sing "Blessings" together is something I will never forget.

Its also no secret I love to write.  To have the ability to pen the words placed on my heart is a privilege I do not take lightly.

At the concert Laura spoke about a song from her newest album, "God of Every Story."  She mentioned the stories God writes for our lives.  Beginning to end, with a tale all our own, his mighty hand writes the plan he has for us.  Each story is often very different from the fairy tale we expect.

Back to my desire to write; how it often extends beyond the words I place onto paper.  I think about the many times I have snatched the pen from the hand of God and attempted to write my own story.  Admittedly there are also plenty of times I've wanted to grab my red editor pen and fix my past.  But that's not how it works, is it?  Oh, what chapters we miss out on because we won't let go of the pen and let the author and perfecter of our faith take control.

Our story.  God writes each one.  He makes no mistakes, his plot contains no fatal flaws.  And one day when we get to sit in his lap and finish our "story" we will see how perfect it really was.

The End

Laura Story: God Of Every Story (Official Live Video) from laura-story on GodTube.


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