Learning Lessons

Last night, I was sitting in the kitchen, five feet from the item I needed.  I was giving my son directions on where to retrieve an item and instructions to bring it to me.  After the third try...he finally got it.  The past week has been full of those moments, a hard lesson for the type A who would rather just do it herself and be done with it. 
My family has been incredible taking care of me while I TRY to keep my foot non weight bearing to heal.  Its the hardest thing to sit back and let someone else do.  Its really, really hard for me.  I've not been the best patient. 
This morning I was thinking back to those frequent episodes during the week at the take a deep breath and sigh moments when you tell someone something, and it takes three more sets of instructions to get the job done.
A lump appeared in my throat...God must do this with me every day. Can you imagine the patience it must take to turn over work to us that he is more than capable of doing in much less time?  Then he sits back patiently and gives multiple instructions, answers to our "why" questions, and fields our excuses.  Every day, again and again. 

I remember trying to teach my children how to ride a bike.  Again and again I give them directions on how to ride.  Then I would grab the handlebars and we would run down the driveway.  I thought my legs would wear out at times trying to get them to learn.  There were many spills along the way, and many times I heard "Let go, I can do it myself."  Eventually I let go, and they would pedal away.  Success!  I remember that great feeling of pride when they were able to take off on their own and no longer needed me to run along side.

So that's what it's all about:  being able to teach us how to handle things while holding us up until we get the lesson learned.  Then stepping back in pride as we race away.  How amazing!  Can you imagine the smile when we actually get it and God can let go of us?
I'm so thankful God doesn't give up on this hard-headed girl and gives her a multitude of chances.  Although, I would trade these crutches for a bicycle in a heartbeat.


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