Remember that saying, "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me?"  The truth is words can hurt.  They can tear right through the very fiber of your soul.  Sometimes its not even the words that hurt but the context in which they are said. This morning, I crafted a quick, smart reply on instant message to something that struck a cord with me.  Finger ready to hit "send," conviction hit me like a sword in my chest.  Words, they do hurt.  

Deuteronomy 2:2-3
Let my teaching fall like rain and my words descend like dew, like showers on new grass, like abundant rain on tender plants. I will proclaim the name of the Lord. Oh, praise the greatness of our God!

These words in Deuteronomy speak of the words of God, how they should fall gently and be nourishing to the soul.  Our words should be too.

Not only do we need to guard our tongues from the harmful words we say, we need to make more opportunities to provide enriching and encouraging words that build a person up.

That child who needs to hear, "I'm proud of you."
That husband that needs to hear, "You take good care of me."
That mother that needs to hear, "Thank you for all you have done."
That friend who needs to hear, "I am here for you."

We miss so many golden opportunities to use our words as a building tool.  We allow complacency to keep us from saying things to those with whom we are close.  We miss even more opportunities to just be a light in this world to a stranger we may meet in line at the supermarket, a cashier at a store, a coworker, or the person next to you in the pew on Sunday. 

I'm accepting the challenge today to find someone each day and make it a point to say something to encourage them.  I'm asking you to accept that challenge with me.  In a world where its so hard to see the good things of this world, we can be lights in the darkness to those around us.

My friends, have a blessed week! 



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