Above and Beyond

Psalm 37:4
Take delight in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart.

My radio alarm sounded this morning with a song of praise, and immediately God spoke Psalm 37:4 through my dull, throbbing ear directly to my heart. 

God is so good to provide for our needs, and I know that very well.  He's provided again and again and again.  But I have always had a bit of guilt about asking for my desires. 

I've posted before about the challenges I've faced trying to sing since my first ear surgery.  A few weeks ago a bad inner ear infection really took a toll on my hearing overall.  Its been difficult because I felt I had just gotten comfortable with my new normal, only to lose the footing again.  I've been quite disheartened about it. 

I went yesterday for a hearing test and another round of surgery.  This morning through the dull, muffled sounds I knew to expect, there is hint of the return of a certain range of sound I had been missing and I need to hear in order to sing. 

He has given me the desires of my heart.  

There are a ton of soprano voices out there who can offer up more beautiful praise than I.  None are more thankful this morning for the gift he gives us to use for his glory.  

I'm in awe today of how God not only cares for us, but he goes above and beyond.  Forgive me God, for every doubting you were capable of doing such.
Thank you for those of you who have been praying. God has provided some very able physicians to help restore my hearing, and hopefully time and round 4 of antibiotics will take care of the rest.


  1. Praise is from the heart, does not have to come from a perfect voice. I do acknowledge what you are feeling though. You are praising him now with these words. I too have so often felt guilty asking for my desires. We live and learn and accept...

    Continuing to pray for you.

    Love ya
    Judy Prather


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