No verses to go with this one.  Just a simple request to join me in prayer.  At the beginning of the year, K-Love put out the challenge to listeners to choose one word that you would work on during this next year to improve your life.  I immediately knew the battle I had been called to face, but not the word.  So, three full months into the year, I have my word.  SIMPLIFY

Its not an easy word, and the mere mention of it makes me nervous.  Simplify...You see, I am a type A perfectionist.  And I happen to be one of those people who has many interests and enjoys multitasking. 

So how did I get here in the first place?  I've just not been feeling very useful lately as a Christian, and I had been praying for God to show me where he could use me.  Instead, God has told me enough is order to live the life He wants me to live, I'm going to have to let go, simplify. Not the answer for which I was seeking.

I started praying January 1 for the revelation of where to simplify.  So far, I'm not doing very well.  I've let go of only one thing only and took on another.  Even with the one sport, church and one other activity rule in our house with the kids, its a monumental task.  Especially when both parents travel and we don't have family here...except for one amazing extra "mama" who we couldn't live without and a best friend who listens to me melt.  I don't punch a time clock, and the work never gets finished each day...I just have to finally quit working.  Learning to draw the line in the sand is very hard for me.

Cooking?  Its therapy.  Writing?  That too...even if I may be the only one who reads it.  Spending time with family...priceless.  I do okay with the kids, but I find myself exhausted by the time Troy and I get that valuable alone time.  Date nights?  Yes, we need to do that more often (or do them period-can't remember the last one), but by the time I arrange a sitter and find an available night, I find myself overwhelmed once again.  I've been strongly convicted about this lately.  I've often heard the first years of marriage are the hardest...I think they come later when couples let "stuff" get in the way and don't spend time together. 

So in my mind, I can't get past my "stuff".  After three months, I can't see much difference.  I'm still treading water and praying.  Why would I be called to simplify and not seem to be working toward a solution? 

He has told me simplify won't be just giving things up, it may be rethinking tasks, like letting Betty Crocker do part of the work, or teaching the kids (and demanding) they do more chores.    Simplify may mean letting go of perfectionism and learning the art of delegation. Three months isn't much time to change habits that are this strong, I guess.

 So today, I ask for your prayers as I try to accomplish the hardest thing I have ever been asked to do, to simplify.  And I am looking for some verses I can claim and pray when things get hard and I feel discouraged.  For those of you reading this and saying "I'm there," don't give up.  We will have victory, and think of how sweet it will be when we can see the next great task God has in store for us.  Have a blessed day!


  1. Jennifer, The Lord has gifted you with an amazing talent to write and discern. I remember those hectic days of one playing ball and another involved in other activities. Just continue to let the Lord lead you. He will make the way clear to you.
    Today when I am so overextended, I claim this scripture in Psalm 61:2b, When my heart is overwhelmed, lead me to the rock that is higher than I. I love the entire chapter of Psalm 61. Thany you again for your evident testimony for our Lord


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