I sat mesmerized last night.  A storm blowing in, the breeze tickling my face.  A rare moment with no one around and I could slow down long enough to focus on the beauty around me.  A high-pitched chirp, then a buzz past my ear...a tiny hummingbird.  I call them my humbabies.  Four of them did what appeared to be a well choreographed dance around the feeder, pausing long enough to take a quick drink.  They darted into the trees.  The process repeated itself again and again.

This time of year my humbabies are extremely active.  I can't keep a feeder full of food.  Their tiny bodies tank up on the sweet nectar to help them fuel their nonstop, 18-22 hour journey across the Gulf.  Their main diet is insects, and nectar is the fuel that gives them energy to do their work.

These little creatures buzzed and swirled about, and in my mind all I could think about were how they, weighing less than one ounce,  could cross a great big ocean in the coming weeks.  It seems like such an impossible task.  But twice a year they do it.  I bet they don't have too many who complain because its too much work or too far to travel.

Matthew 6:26 (HCSB) Look at the birds of the sky: they don't sow or reap or gather into barns, yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Aren't you worth more than they? 

Doesn't is seem sometimes like our challenges are greater than we can handle?  I've have stood many times, looking ahead with great fear at what seems like an impossible task placed before me, and reached my hands toward my heavenly father to say "I can't do this, its too hard."  In my back yard last night He reminded me with a beautiful song and dance that he has promised to take care of us every step of the way.  Just as he feeds my tiny humbabies and takes them safely across the Gulf, he will carry us across our ocean waves too. 

Humbabies, have a safe journey.  Thank you for that gentle reminder that we can do all things because we have a God who takes care of us.  The impossible becomes the possible when God is behind it.


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