This morning, I sit listening to my oldest hacking away on the couch, we're missing worship in God's house today...but he certainly made sure I worshiped. Thank you God for grabbing a hold of me again a few weeks ago, shaking me from the numbness in which I had been walking.

I've kept a journal for a long time, for the better part of three years. About a year ago, I made it private after someone I lost their job over prayer requests they had included in their blog. Scared, I locked my thoughts up and made my journal private. Recently, God has been pressing on my heart to return to public blogging...to minister through the lessons he teaches me. So here it is, open to those who choose to read in the hopes that the little lessons He teaches me through my dear children, my prayer warrior friends, or the amazing people in which I come in contact with every day will allow you to see his mark on your life too.


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