How quickly time flies!  It seems like a few days ago I was posting my New Year's blog.  Today is the first day of February.  How did that happen?  Maybe its because I've had plenty to keep me busy at work.  Maybe its because grad school started back the week I had the nasty stomach bug and I have been playing catch up every since.  Maybe its because routine hasn't happened in our house since before Christmas, with the kids going to school only a couple of days each week due to the cold weather.  Regardless, its time that isn't coming back, and the only option is to move forward.

About two weeks ago, in the midst of the chaos, God started dealing with my heart about something.  This lesson didn't start with my Bible.  It started with a gentle whisper to my heart.  A fantastic day laughing with a car full of teen girls and playing Phase 10 with some adult friends made the whisper grow louder.  The first sermon spoken by a teenager just called to the ministry echoed the call.  Many little things have played a part in keeping the message on my mind. 

How easily it is to get wrapped up in the day to day operations of family, work and school.  For this type A, making sure the list is done always takes top priority.   When projects and tasks loom larger than life and I can't see past the finish, it really takes a toll on my spirit.  God fully convicted me about my serious attitude and the importance of...laughter.

This morning I took the time to dig for the truth. The message...the importance of laughter and having fun.

Proverbs 17:22
A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.

Laughter keeps us young, it makes us healthier.  Physicians and prophets agree.

Luke 19:40
But Jesus answered, "I tell you, if these become silent, the stones will cry out!"

The smile on our face, the joy we show in our lives...and even our laughter are ways to express the great things God has done in our lives.  Its worship, and its a witness. 

I've heard this verse before, but as I read it again this week, it tore deeply into my heart. When we walk around with the weight of the world showing on our shoulders, and we are not focusing on the more important wonderful things we have been given, we are committing a great sin.  When others see the joy we have because of Who we have, its a great testimony of God's greatness and mercy, especially when we have the ability to do in the midst of turmoil.  In this verse from Luke, Jesus tells us that if we don't testify to his greatness, the rocks will.

I remember the giggles of my little ones, and even today their laughter still melts my heart.  I can imagine our heavenly father sitting on his throne with his ear turned intently, a smile on his face, hearing the laugh of his children.  I'm sure his heart swells in that moment too.

God deserves our praise.  He deserves our laughter.  He deserves for us to walk around with a spirit of excitement, creating a consuming fire that draws others to want to be around us.  This is the attitude that will produce the witness we were called to be.

Father, forgive my tunnel vision that allows me to get wrapped up in trying to fix the problems in my world, rather than enjoy the blessings you have given me.  You are the fixer of problems and not I.  Help me to show my laughter, so others will see how remarkable you really are.


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