Electing the Leader of Our Nation

Psalm 146

Praise the Lord. I will praise the Lord. 2 I will praise the LORD all my life. I will sing praise to my God as long as I live. 3 Don't put your trust in human leaders. Don't trust in people. They can't save you. 4 When they die, they return to the ground. On that very day their plans are bound to fail. 5 Blessed are those who depend on the God of Jacob for help. Blessed are those who put their hope in the LORD their God. 6 He is the Maker of heaven and earth and the ocean. He made everything in them. The LORD remains faithful forever. 7 He stands up for those who are beaten down. He gives food to hungry people. The LORD sets prisoners free. 8 The LORD gives sight to those who are blind. The LORD lifts up those who feel helpless. The LORD loves those who do what is right. 9 The LORD watches over the outsiders who live in our land. He takes good care of children whose fathers have died. He also takes good care of widows. But he causes evil people to fail in everything they do. 10 The LORD rules forever. The God of Zion will rule for all time to come. Praise the Lord.

Our media streams are full of information about the upcoming presidential election.  All you have to do is "google" the name of one of the candidates, and you can find everything you possibly would want to know about him.  I can only imagine the pressure these two men and their families must be feeling as the nation, and the world, watch their lives.  For America, this is one of the biggest decisions our country will make this year. 

We look to the leader of our nation for the solutions to our unemployment, healthcare, social security and other problems. In reality, Psalms 146 spells out clearly who has responsibility for caring for these tasks. Our hope for the future of our nation does not depend on Obama, or Romney, or any other candidate who might take the oath of office. Its in the Lord our God. 

Whoever we elect as our country's leader is still a man - a human being capable of making mistakes.  He holds the responsibility for our welfare, but in the end, he's still accountable to the same one we are, God our Father.

I encourage you to vote next Tuesday.  More importantly, I encourage you to pray.  Pray that we choose our next leader wisely.  Pray our leader is someone who listens to God's voice to help our nation. Pray for God's hand to protect our leader and to guide him with his decision making.  And pray, as you enter that voting booth, for the wisdom to make the best choice.

Presidental Election


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