The Most Important Parenting Book You Will Ever Read

I didn't do a very good job of holding back the tears as we prayed over our daughter before she left to go on her first mission trip.  My little one going out into the big world.  This week has turned yet another page in the life of our family.

The times of trying to figure out which way to swaddle my babies to comfort them is over, however their need for my comforting words is just beginning.  My time of preparing their food and lovingly placing each bite into their mouth is over, but my ability to feed them and help them grow into adults equipped to handle the great big world is not.  I'm not talking about that huge home cooked meal I fixed to welcome my girl home either.  There will be plenty of those at this house too.

Questions have become harder.  No longer are inquiries as simple as "Why is the sky blue?" but ones requiring more thought, the answers much more important.  This week, my youngest asked me why Christians still do bad things, and are they really a Christian...will they go to heaven?  In a moment that stoods still in time, I realized the weight of the answer I had to give.  What an amazing opportunity to remind my child of God's amazing grace that covers our sins, big and small.

 This week my oldest was able to witness to others.  Her group led one lady to Christ, and yet another turned away.  The incredible joy of witnessing the birth of a new Christian, and the defeat of losing the battle in the same week.  My answer for her on why that lady wouldn't hear...a careful one.  A reminder God calls us to share the gospel, and not all will listen.  Yet she may not realize what kind of seed was planted for a future time when God will put yet another warrior in that lady's path.  A reminder of prayer for that lost soul and for the many others we encounter every day.

Its a joy to see my children growing in their faith, but it has also reminded me of the awesome responsibility I have as a parent in their spiritual growth.  I'm so thankful for the moments that God tests my knowledge through my children.  Its that gentle nudge that even though life may be crazy busy, I have to continue to grow myself.

The best parenting book? God's word.  Its advice for heartaches, prayers for the future, joy for his blessings.  Don't stop learning because moms and dads, its not just our lives at stake here, its our little ones too.


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