The Voyage

We counted down the days beginning a month and a half ago.  Vacation.  I don't know who was more ready, us or the kids.  So where did we go?  Santa Claus, Indiana.  A tiny town in Southern Indiana named for the great Christmas legend.  The story of the economic development of this area as unbelievably special as Santa himself.  The featured attraction:  Holiday World, a family-friendly amusement park situated in a town of 2,200 people that draws crowds that large and larger on a daily basis.

As we drove in Tuesday, I looked winding, two-lane road.  Nothing in sight but corn fields and farm houses.  Then, in the distance, a huge wooden roller coaster appeared.  There it was, that pit in my see, I'm not a thrill rider.  My last two ride adventures had left other fair guests a little surprised by my inability to deal with the round and round motions.  My greatest fear was leaving behind a "souvenir" in Santa Claus.  I agreed to the adventure thinking Troy could do the rides with the kids, and I would watch my family with pride from the nearby bench.

We entered the park on Wednesday, and I soon realized most rides were for pairs...three would be a crowd, and adult supervision was required in order for Noah to ride due to height requirements.  So I sucked it up and rode.  A couple of small rides in, we arrived at one of the three wooden roller coasters in the park.  Little did we realize it was the biggest, with a 154 foot drop and 24.2 seconds of g-force speed.  The Voyage...quite adequately named.

This was the kids first roller coaster experience.  I put on my brave face, while shaking silently inside.   Seat belts secured, the coaster eased out of the building and started climbing the hill...and climbing...and climbing.  Then we reached the top of the first plunge.  I stared down at the amazing length of track below.  Zooming down we screaming all the way and holding on for dear life.  We twisted and turned, went up and down, sped around curves, and finally screeched to a stop where we began.  "That was awesome," exclaimed my young son.  I was still in too much shock to comment on our ride.

My "Voyage" is one of my best souvenirs from the trip.  And no, I'm not referring to the photo of me screaming my lungs out (God gave me nice, full lungs for a reason) .  In our lives we climb mountains, we zoom around curves with our heart racing, and we plunge to the bottom at warp speed sometimes.  We let life pass us by, consumed with what is coming around the next curve or at the top of that next climb.  We hold on for dear life. 

I don't want to be someone afraid to throw my hands up and just enjoy the ride.  I want to be able to stand at heaven's gate one day and say "That was awesome."  My goal, to live each day to the fullest, and put everything in God's hands.  He's my seatbelt holding me safely inside and my comfort in this fast journey.

Will there be more coasters for me?  You bet!  Bring them on!


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