I've been waiting on those great messages of inspiration to make a good blog entry, but I think God has been speaking to me in language I can understand during Relay season...short and sweet.  My heavenly father knows more than anyone the best way to get things through to me!

So here are a few short and sweet thoughts that have come from several places about prayer.

  • We have not because we ask not.  God doesn't answer prayers we don't pray.
  • Sometimes not hearing a yes means no, or not now.  We need to listen to that too!
  • We should go into a worship service prayed up and asking God to use us as his tool.  If we lead worship in any other way, we are simply entertaining and not serving God's purpose.
Yesterday on K-Love I heard someone talking about our children and prayer.  Parents, listen up!  Prayer is the way we have that deep, loving relationship with our Father.  We pour out our hearts passionately to him and wait on his all consuming love.  We should teach our children to pray with that same thing in mind...we deny them that deep, passionate relationship with God that HE wants us to have when we use the rhymes and verses we so often pray as a child.  Its our responsibility as parents to teach our children how to pray so they can have that same relationship with God that we as adults crave.  WOW!

So there's the short and sweet for today.  I'm off for day three of a five day, five county week.  Have a blessed day!


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