After the Rain

Keep me safe, O God, for I have come to you for refuge.   Psalm 16:1 NLT 

Well I should have taken Mercy Me's song a little more seriously.  Not only did we have "rain" last week, we had ice and snow.  Being alone all week with the kids, juggling a whirlwind of a schedule, a stubborn husband who refused a prescription to lower his blood pressure-then sending him off to a sales show three hours away, and ice was a long week.  Then Sunday morning, we awoke to sun, and glistening trees that looked like they had been adorned in silver.  Top that with a great time of worship at Mount Hermon.  Suddenly the stress of the week melted away as I gave my all in song and praise.  As I listened to "How Great is Our God", I realized he is quite amazing.  My husband traveled home safely Saturday, and I had an evening to vegetate...a rare happening.  Within five minutes our our first power outage during the ice storm, I had a neighbor who called to check on me and the kids and to invite us to stay.  All five outages were taken care of by an amazing crew within an hour each time.  And...Troy's blood pressure is down significantly.  Not enough to say normal, but much better.  And, he had a blessed show of sales, doing in one day more than he expected for the week. makes the trees and flowers grow and refreshes the earth.  I believe it might possibly do the same for us too!  Have a great day!


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